About Us

Prometheus PARSEC, Inc. offers a wide range of technology and computer support solutions for small and mid-size businesses throughout Florida.

Prometheus PARSEC, Inc.

Prometheus PARSEC, Inc. provides affordable and effective Internet and computer support services to small and mid-size businesses throughout Florida.

From the beginning, we made a few decisions about the way we do business:

First, we will always be the right company for the job.
If we are not the right company to meet your needs, we will assist you in finding the company that is.

Second, we will never charge for a service that we have not provided.
Take a moment and take a close look at the invoices from your other service providers and you will know what we are talking about.

Third, we will always find the most affordable solution for your needs.
Given the overwhelming evidence that companies that build trusting and enduring partnerships with their clients are more profitable, it is amazing how many companies still overcharge and take advantage of their clients from the beginning of their relationship.

The Prometheus Difference

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